At Maypo we are committed to meeting the highest standards of business integrity and applicable local and international laws, considered relevant to anti-corruption, transparency, money laundering prevention, economic competition, and industry codes.

In order to strengthen our ethical culture, the Compliance Program includes an annual Training and Certification Plan, mandatory for all its directors and associates, which addresses the following policies:

Code of Conduct

The aim is to formalize and disseminate the standards of behavior that guide all actions in the performance of our work and reflect our commitment to ethics within business. Our performance is measured by the results and the way they are achieved. It is important to mention that our Code of Conduct applies to all Maypo directors and associates.

All managers and collaborators must respond to and sign the Code of Conduct Compliance Manifesto upon entering the company, which is updated by each manager or collaborator annually.

Business Code of Conduct for Business Partners, Distributors and Suppliers

The purpose of the code is to communicate the company’s expectations of business ethics, held by Farmacéuticos Maypo, when doing business or collaborative projects with Business Partners, Distributors and Suppliers.

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy

Our Policy is intended to ensure that all our negotiations and operations with third parties, in particular with governments and government officials, are conducted in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, ensuring that we adhere to the highest standards of business integrity. This Policy applies to all Farmacéuticos Maypo directors and collaborators, as well as third parties with whom we have commercial relations, and it gives clarity of the guidelines and mechanisms of prevention, detection, and immediate response to any acts of corruption that may arise in our activities.

All directors and collaborators must respond to and sign the Anti-Corruption Manifesto upon entering the company, which is updated by each manager or collaborator annually.

The policy includes a Due Diligence* process, which consists of a series of revisions prior to the signing of a contract or the start of a business. To evaluate the third party for the purpose of mitigating risks of linking with natural or moral persons not aligned with our business ethics standards.

Because of the nature of Farmacéuticos Maypo’s business, we do not carry out any activities that could be subject of vulnerability to illicit origins or cash transactions.

Farmacéuticos Maypo, emphasizes having "zero tolerance and prohibition of corrupt practices, bribery and facilitation payments", We therefore make the "complaint line" available to all collaborators and third parties in order that they may report any violation of our policies or national or international law.

It is a mandate of the Board of Directors that day-to-day business activities are integral and transparent, and therefore it is an obligation of the Chief Compliance Officer to report to the Board on activities related to the Compliance Program.

Monitoring of Compliance Program and Corrupt Practices Prevention activities is included in the Annual Internal Audit Plan, which is approved by the Internal Audit Committee.

ISO 9001:2015 certification process.

Prevention of Money Laundering and Resources of Illicit Origin

Farmacéuticos Maypo rejects any financial transaction that is intended to operate on money or goods that have been acquired through illegal acts or transactions seeking to give it a legally apparent origin.

Even though Maypo does not carry out vulnerable operations in accordance with the Mexican Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Illicit Proceeds (LFPIORPI), we have established the following preventive guidelines focused on preventing money laundering:

  • It is prohibited to carry out financial transactions consciously that lend themselves to the suspicion of money laundering or the management of resources that come from illicit activities.
  • To conduct interbank transactions with natural/moral persons, it is necessary to have requirements that allow them to be properly identified.
  • All invoices must be issued in the name of the paying owner.
  • Cash transactions (except sales to the general public) are prohibited.
  • Financial transactions with minors are prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to liquidate or pay, as well as to accept the settlement or payment, of acts or transactions through the use of coins and notes, in national currency or currencies and precious metals.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Our Policy provides all employees of Farmacéuticos Maypo with information and guidelines to act in an appropriate manner in situations that potentially expose them to compromise their decision-making due to the existence of a conflict of interest, making available the guidelines and mechanisms of detection, disclosure, and registration of potential conflicts of interest.

All managers and collaborators must respond to and sign the Statement of Conflict of Interest upon entering the company, the Statement of Interest is updated by each manager or collaborator annually.

Policy of Business Interactions with Administrative Personnel

This Policy establishes guidelines of conduct that govern our business interactions with Administrative Personnel and the manner in which we conduct them, in accordance with our values, policies, local and international laws and regulations.

This policy applies to all Commercial Interaction activities, carried out by any director and collaborator of Farmacéuticos Maypo and third parties acting on its behalf.

Donations and Grants Policy

Principles with which we regulate donations and grants, in-kind or financial, and the procedures by which we make decisions regarding the participation of Farmacéuticos Maypo in community or institutional projects, and humanitarian crisis situations. This Policy applies to all Farmacéuticos Maypo executives and associates.

Policy of Interactions with Government Officials

This Policy applies to all directors and collaborators of Farmacéuticos Maypo and establishes the principles with which interactions with government officials should be carried out, from their intent, definition of purpose, to documentation of the results and actions resulting from the interaction. Our goal is to ensure that all negotiations and operations of Farmacéutica Maypo with government officials are conducted in compliance with all national and international laws and regulations, and in accordance with the highest standards of integrity required in conducting business, as stated in our Code of Conduct.

Employee Travel and Local Expense Policy

Establish internal guidelines that employees must follow in relation to the approval and verification of travel expenses and local expenses arising from the activities of the business and ensure timely monitoring of them.

Consequences System Policy

Our Policy establishes the application of sanctions derived from behaviors and conducts that depart from our values and violate our Code of Conduct, our Policies, Procedures and/or applicable local or international legislation.

Gifts, entertainment, and benefits

According to our Code of Conduct, Farmacéuticos Maypo prohibits accepting or soliciting, from any supplier, gifts, entertainment, valuables, favors or business conditions inappropriate for personal benefit, which may generate commitment or influence purchasing decisions or criteria.  


All associates and managers participate in the training program included in the company's entry and induction process and in Compliance's annual training program, which includes the following policies:

  • Code of Conduct.
  • Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy.
  • Conflict of Interest Policy.
  • Policy of Business Interactions with Administrative Personnel
  • Policy of Interactions with Government Officials.
  • Donations and Grants Policy.

Trainings are assigned according to the job description.

Training is provided in-person and/or through an e-learning platform.

The associate or manager must pass the trainings with a minimum grade of 8.

All directors and collaborators must respond to and sign the Code of Conduct Compliance Manifesto upon entering the company and update their compliance signature annually. 

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